Zodwa Wabantu’s Uncensored returns for Season 2

Zodwa Wabantu’s Uncensored returns for Season 2 ,

She’s back with a bang and drama. Zodwa Wabantu is finally back to our screens on Moja Love. The seasoned dancer and entrepreneur took it to social media to share teasers of her upcoming season 2 for Uncensored

Yes, the drama is back capped with thrills. The reality series mainly takes a sneak-peek into Zodwa’s controversial life be it love life, drama and business. Those who are familiar with the show knows well how it goes. The controversial dancer has once stripped of her award a few years ago due to her show.

But she seems to care less and she not holding back. Zodwa took it to Instagram to teaser her fans on what to expect in this season 2.

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The teaser took many by surprise and the show will be premiering today at Moja Love. However, Zodwa had to reschedule her show due to the pandemic which had a toll, not only on the entertainment industry but all sectors of the economy.



Zodwa Wabantu's Uncensored returns for Season 2
Zodwa Wabantu’s Uncensored returns for Season 2


We can all agree that its a must-watch for those who love drama. Despite the pandemic coming to play a lot really happened in Zodwa’s camp and she owes us some explanations. From the egg selling business to war with SARS over a new Lamborghini purchase.

Zodwa Wabantu’s Uncensored returns for Season 2

Recently in a turn of events, Zodwa Wabantu decided to cancel her purchase of her new Lamborghini as SARS called her in for questioning. A few weeks ago social media was set ablaze when Zodwa Wabantu shared a series of pictures of a brand new Lamborghini claiming it to be hers.

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No doubt Mzansi was left divided. Few celebrities in Mzansi have the Lamborghini Aventador which is priced not less than nine million. Amongst those who have the exotic beast, Former President Jacob Zuma is one of them.

Zodwa Wabantu's Uncensored returns for Season 2
Zodwa Wabantu’s Uncensored returns for Season 2

Mzansi weighed in it seems as if they were right. Some claimed that Zodwa financial muscle could not allow her to flex her buying power on a Lamborghini. Rumour has it that the man behind the viral video Kenny Kunene was the one who showered Zodwa with a Lamborghini.

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In the wake of her big purchase speaking to the Daily Sun Kenny Kunene, whose political party Zodwa recently joined said;

” Zodwa has decided not to buy the car anymore because after she posted a video celebrating, she got a call fromSars requesting to have a meeting with her. She figured out that it might have been because of the post so she decided not to buy the car for now,” he said.

And we all hope the new season will take us through the drama and cancellation of the purchase.



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