Zodwa Wabantu has revealed that she speaks to Ntobeko Sishi the “Gomora” actor- VIDEO

Zodwa Wabantu has revealed that she speaks to Ntobeko Sishi || Reality TV star Zodwa Wabantu has confirmed she is married to actor “Gomora,” Ntobeko Sishi.

In the latest episode of # PodcastAndChill, Zodwa was sitting with MacG where she revealed a lot of things about her life and answered some tough questions. She was open about why she prefers dating younger men, why she doesn’t phase hateful comments about her and even who she’s slept with in the entertainment sector.

When asked by Mac if she had been hit by Ntobeko via DMs (Direct Message) yet after her last month flirting with him publicly, Zodwa said the two were already talking.

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“We ‘re speaking through DMs” she said.

She then went on showing Mac messages between Ntobeko and herself, but refused to hand over her phone to him or have it on camera.have fun to show.

The star, who has had two breakups in public, explained why she preferred younger men dating.

“I like the drive that they have to push me around, helping me with my journeys. I don’t want an old man to ask me to wash their clothes for them and make them eat.

“And they would try to rough me up and cheat on me. Don’t forget I once dated Mandla Mthembu so I don’t want to be handled or regulated, “she said.

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She also added that she never got used to being in a relationship with any younger man she had been in. “I wouldn’t suggest they ‘re using me because I love them.

“I ‘m making them wear the Dubai sneakers, I’m the one who buys the stuff but the problem is that they think they ‘re Chris Brown now, they think they should start playing a different part,” she said.

Zodwa went on to say she’s even slept with Black Motion’s Thabo Mabogwane.

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Zodwa Wabantu has revealed that she speaks to Ntobeko Sishi




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