Zodwa Wabantu Gets Her Booty Tightened

South African media personality, Zodwa Wabantu, is known to shake her booty throughout the country, as she performs at various bars and nightclubs. Not one to shy away from showing off every part of her body to her audience, Zodwa has taken the responsible decision to preserve her money maker and get her booty tightened!

In an Instagram video shared today, 30 September 2020, the boisterous star laid naked on the treatment table of Herwood medical clinic, as a therapist worked her magic. The technician used laser therapy to tighten and firm Zodwa’s booty, ensuring that it remains full and toned for years to come. The treatment is also used to remove cellulite and unwanted bumps, making sure that her asset remains as bootylicious as ever.

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Zodwa captioned the post with, “Is your Talent Taking you Places? My Talent is Taking me Places! My Talent is Ready for Bookings! Body owned by Herwood Medical Clinic”. The dancer referred to her butt as her talent, as it has often become the most talked about part of her performances.

In recent months Zodwa has become notorious for constantly showing her body in all situations, particularly on her Instagram page. Earlier this month she was called out being completely naked on the gram whilst getting a massage at Sorbet. The video called for fans and followers to once again question her choice to continuously show off her body, despite the fact that she recently claimed to want to be known for more than just that.

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Zodwa has also been lambasted for her outrageous skits promoting Herwood Medical Clinic which is an aesthetic treatment centre based in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. She recently underwent vaginal rejuvenation at the centre, which she claimed was in preparation of her upcoming intimate activities with her next boyfriend. Some of the raunchy skits she has partaken in include her pretending to be unsatisfied with the performance of her partner.

The media personality has caused a stir on social media, following another video which promoted the aesthetic clinic. In the video shared in early September 2020, the reality star showcased the clinic hard at work on a gentleman who was having his goods improved. Zodwa was seen watching over as the doctor conducted a medical procedure which was titled, “Penis Rough Rider Rejuvenation”. According to the star, the gentleman was attempting to get a “lunch bar penis”.
Say what?!

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