Zodwa Wabantu Ditchies Ben 10 Boys For Real Men

Zodwa Wabantu Ditchies Ben 10 Boys For Real Men || The risque dancer, socialite and hustler of note – Zodwa Wabantu – affectionately known for her obsession with younger men (Ben 10s) has finally thrown in the towel on her quest to find love in young boys.

She now prefers sex relationships with “real men” rather.

Speaking to Daily Sun, Zodwa Wabantu admitted she was seeing someone just weeks after being dumped by her latest Ben 10 she was seeing.

But, this time it is just for sex, not love, she said.

“I haven’t decided if he’s the one or not. We’re just having sex.”

Unlike many other relationships she has previously flaunted on social media, the dancer prefers a change of approach in her relationships.

This time around, she doesn’t want any Ben 10 anymore. And, interestingly the test to her heart is through the bed – in other means she just wants to first have sex and have fun with her suitors before committing.

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“I don’t want to show off with this one. He’s my undercover lover. I want to keep this one private,” dancer and entertainer Zodwa Wabantu told Daily Sun.

She emotionally revealed she was doing so for fear of being victimised and called names over her past or somewhat relationship trend which seem to go down on the drain in no time.

“If I say I’m in love when I’m not, and worse still if we break up, people start saying I’m loose and I can’t keep a relationship.”

Hence with the new man, “we’re just having fun, going out on dates and getting to know each other. Sex with my new guy is amazing! I enjoy it each time he touches me.”

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She revealed she met her new man in the CBD in Durban.

“After my breakup, I started going out and mingling. I’d stop and greet people and have a chat. Then one day I met him and he got my attention.”

While she admitted this was the best time of her life, she doesn’t want to stop seeing other men though. And those interested in dating her can continue hitting her up on Instagram.

“I don’t know where this is going with this man, so I’m still looking. Those who’re interested can DM me on Instagram or email me, and we’ll see where that takes us. I just want to mingle, have fun, and have sex with whoever I connect with,” she said.

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Zodwa gives up on Ben 10s

“I’m looking for a real man. He must be handsome and wealthy,” she added.

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