Zodwa Gets Botox!

Are we surprised?!

South African media personality, Zodwa Wabantu, has been an avid endorser for Herwood Medical Centre, who are known to offer a variety of aesthetic procedures. A number of her promotional post for the aesthetic clinic have used actors or patients willing to undergo the treatments, however Zodwa has never physically participated in any of the invasive procedures.

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In an Instagram post shared on Wednesday, 8 July 2020, the boisterous personality shared an image of herself getting prodded by Botox injections. She stated, “The One Prick that You Have to Have…Botox for Wrinkles, Look young again.”

Fans of Zodwa were surprised to see that she was having Botox done, as they claimed that she looks like she has never done any work to her face. Msezi James commented with, “Zodwa! I thought you sell but you don’t do… you don’t have wrinkles.” Another fans shared those sentiments with, “Black don’t crack girl… what are you doing?!”.
Zodwa Wabantu
Zodwa Wabantu

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