Zari Hassan Celebrates After Hitting 9Million Followers on Instagram

South Africa-based Ugandan businesswoman, socialite, influencer Zari Hassan is in the celebratory mood having hit 9 million Instagram followers.

The queen of Instagram is elated to see that more and more numbers of followers are still being inspired by her works and life style a milestone that still makes her the most-followed female East African celebrity on the social media platform.

The seemingly grateful Beauty with Purpose from Busoga has shared a photo of herself smiling up to the world with hopes that her account will be a space for strengthening bonds and scooping more deals as her brand grows bigger and better.

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“For all you do, do who you are, I’ll forever be grateful that you are in my life. Thank you for being part of the 9.000.000 megazo family,” Zari Hassan has captioned her Instagram post.

For over a while now, Zari has been at the forefront of social media engagement and uses it to connect with her fans as she maintains respect for one another.

Congratulations Zarinah!


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