Zari Announces She Is ‘Single Again’ After Being Duped By Boyfriend King Bae

If there is a any public figure who has ‘seen days’ in love and relationships then she has to be socialite Zari Hassan!

Zari has dated all tribes of men and swallowed all sizes of cassava but unfortunately no one among those met her standards.


From the late showy tycoon, Ivan Ssemwanga to TZ crooner Diamond Platnumz. Isn’t this what a white man call beautiful but unlucky?

When the self-proclaimed Boss Lady announced her break up with Diamond in 2018, she chose to give herself time so she couldn’t fall into another monster trap.

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She apparently spent one and half year with no one drilling her honey pot until she met a guy she nicknamed King Bae!

The mother of five and King Bae started painting social media streets with love, a clear indication that she had bounced back in the love arena. But interesting though is that in all ‘lovey-dovey’ social media posts Zari made, King Bae’s face was always hidden.

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King Bae always hid his face
King Bae always hid his face

Seems she was still studying him given the experience she has in the game. However as time went by, she completely stopped posting anything related to King Bae and of course her fans and followers noticed!

Zari perhaps had chosen to remain mute but yesterday she was pressurized to speak out and boom! She revealed how King Bae was one the legendary fakers who posed to be rich yet he was damn broke. According to her, the man lived a fake life as he was trying to impress her.

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“…he posed to be rich with all the fancy cars and cribs but it turned out that those things were not his. He lived a fake life just impress me but in a long run he couldn’t handle my expensive life style”, she said while addressing her fans live on Facebook.

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