Zanetor Rawlings verbally attacked on social media for criticizing the essence of a new voters’ register in a Rainy – Covid-19 season

Member of Parliament for Klottey Korle, Dr, Zanetor Agyeman-Rawlings has been at the receiving end of social media banters that were thrown at her for criticizing the importance of a new voters’ register in a season of rain and COVID.

The daughter of former President Rawlings, shared a post on social media to speak about the need for such a national exercise especially when current situations look very volatile and unfit.

“National Voters Registration Exercise in the middle of the rainy season and COVID-19 pandemic with rising cases and deaths, exacerbated by intimidation of citizens by our very own!Ghana, Quo vadis?  Thinking face Let the might of right prevail over the right of might”, she wrote.

This post of hers did not go down well with some social media commenters who took the opportunity to serve her with an equal dose of criticisms by citing the June 4 Uprising which was staged by his father to oust some judges and other political opponents.

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Other critics believed, her concern is not valid since Ghanaians are ready to go out there and register regardless of the pertaining situation.

@BaffyDaKobbyPop wrote: Your father’s June 4 coup occurred in the rainy season. As a matter of fact, it was raining heavily that day but that didn’t discourage him from carrying out the putsch. 3 judges and the army officer were also gruesomely murdered and their bodies set on fire in the rainy season.

@moboatent1983 commented: Your father’s June 4 coup occurred in the rainy season. As a matter of fact, The formation of clouds did not discourage the evil perpetrators of that crime. And again it rained heavily that day. It looks like the rainy season is the best period to get things done successfully.

@Boss_Ecstasy replied: You were raised from the spoils of June 4. You had luxury at your disposal at the expense of the Tyranny your father unleashed on Ghanaians. In the rains Judges were killed. Your Father was the MIGHTY whose right prevailed over all Ghanaians. Just Zip It

@KafuiDesmond: Come December. Rain or shine we will vote It’s looks like wen u have power all good things happens in the rains It feels bad wen u aa in opposition but good with power #togetherwebuild

Check Out Post and Replies Below:

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Zanetor Rawlings verbally attacked on social media


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