ZAMBIANS MISTREATED YOU K-MAN: A touching tribute to Elton Sakala???


A touching tribute to Elton Sakala???

A few days ago, you were involved in a terrible accident together with your buddy David Phiri aka Daeve and three other girls. When the news broke out that Daeve had died in an accident with three other girls and that in unidentified man had survived although with serious head injuries, I had my instincts that you were that person. I made a call to your phone but it went unanswered. I sent you a WhatsApp text and it was blue ticked without any response.

Somehow, I was confused that for a good three hours, you had not had time to respond to me. I was only told that it was you who was badly injured and was on life support few hours before you were pronounced dead.

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K-Man, we waited for you to tell us what had happened. We waited for an explanation man. Today we can only imagine the anguish you went through during the accident and after. We can only imagine the atmosphere and the anguish everyone went through as the vehicle overturned.

While we have all these questions unanswered, today we are battling with the fact that your country, your people failed you K-Man.

You made and mastered ALL Daeve’s music and you two where like door and door frame but, after your death, you were treated separately.

The entire country mourned Deave but with you only your family and close friends mourned you. We made all necessary and desperate effort to have you incorporated into the program set up to mourn Deave like to have the same church service, send off activities, burrial and all but it landed on deaf ears. No one wanted to hear anything about you.

Our thinking was that, the five of you that perished deserved to be burried in the same manner, to be given the same attention and treatment. It’s fine if the families of the girls wanted privacy but for you, you were not different from Deave considering you both were in entertainment industry.

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Man, what did you do wrong to Zambians?

Understandably, few knew you and your contribution to Zambian music industry BUT your death made them know you. Are they saying just because they knew not much about you before your death is reason enough for them to treat you in the way you were mistreated in your lifeless state?

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You were burried without any recognition and help from the entertainment stakeholders. Although family came and showered you the love and befitting send off, the people you served failed you.

Honestly, I feel sad and angry about my country people. We failed you and we missed the only opportunity we had to appreciate you.

The entertainment stakeholders failed you, they mistreated you and my prayer is look down on them with a forgiving heart. You cannot rest in trouble with anger. Rest in peace ✌️? K-Man.

Your legacy will always be cherished by us who knew you.????????

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