Young Prophet Chops 8 Congregants With No Protection…Exposed After Announcing Engagement

Young Prophet Chops 8 Congregants With No Protection…Exposed After Announcing Engagement || A self-proclaimed prophet has come under fire after he was exposed to have bedded at least 8 congregants without using protection. The charismatic Prophet Panashe Madekebve (28) who is the founder of the Daylight Ministries International was exposed by his lovers shortly after announcing his engagement.

iHarare has learned from B-Metro, that Prophet Panashe runs a virtual church in a WhatsApp group called Heavenly Voices in which he is supposed to be ministering to his congregants. However, the man of God is alleged to be using the group as his own personal dating ground.

A number of angry women accused the prophet of sleeping with them and dumping them after promising that he would marry them. The women seem to be aggrieved after they learnt that Madekebve had proposed to someone else. At least 8 women, have come out in the open and accused the prophet of bedding them with no protection. One of the women said that she suspects that she is now pregnant.

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Young Prophet Chops 8 Congregants With No Protection…Exposed After Announcing Engagement


One of the women who spoke to B-Metro told the publication,

“I was introduced to his Heavenly Voices WhatsApp group by a friend. I was having problems with my boyfriend and wanted him to assist with prayers. I did one-on-one with him via WhatsApp and to cut a long story short we ended up having sex,” said one of the women.

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Another congregant added,

“It was in May this year, after talking on WhatsApp. He was sending some silly messages and we started the relationship. We introduced each other to our families. I think I am the only one who was shown his real relatives because the other girls seem to have been introduced to fake relatives,”

Randy Prophet Beds 8 Congregants With No Protection
Prophet Panashe and his new love : Randy Prophet Beds 8 Congregants With No Protection

Another of the prophet’s victims said that he was actually pushing her to marry him as well.

“We have discovered that many of us have been played by Prophet Panashe. He has a sweet tongue and he promises marriage to everyone that he proposes love to. He had promised to pay lobola for me this year and then a wedding next year. He was actually putting me under pressure to agree to marry him saying his ministry does not want him to be single,”

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When questioned about the matter, Prophet Panashe admitted that he has a weakness for ladies and blamed a “different force” for his weakness.

“What I do and what people expect from a man of God may not be the same. I don’t justify my wrongs. Every person in life has a weakness and in whatever I do there is always an element of a different force coming against me to terminate whatever assignment I have, which in my particular case, is ladies,”

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