Young Guys Should Stay Away!! I only date very old men – Route Entertainment’s Vivian Tendo shocks nation

Vivian Tendo Ntubiro || In the recent past, the Ugandan music industry has been hit by a young and glamorous beauty queen hailing from the Banda based Kyambogo university.

Vivian Tendo Ntubiro is one of those whose graduation was stalled by the  COVID-19 pandemic and she still has to wait until it’s all done to receive her Bachelor’s degree in MDD.

In her recent interview with Urban TV’s MC Casmir on Campus 1O1, the “Hajjati wa Hajji” hitmaker sincerely confessed being good at dodging group discussions and leaving her coursemates to find a to way complete group assignments.

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When asked about her love life and as to whether she has a boyfriend at her campus, the “Onyango”, “Mu Kati” among other songs singer says that can’t be caught dating a fellow university student. “We are all students and so I can’t see myself in such a relationship. I date very old men because they are mature in what they do.” said Tendo.

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Vivian Tendo Ntubiro
Vivian Tendo Ntubiro

She claimed she also can’t date a brown-skinned guy as she can’t imagine having a partner who is more light-skinned than she is.

This left many dudes at campus who had her in their plans aside as she may be interested in the working class.

Vivian Tendo

The singer also trashed hostel rules that could let her cope up well with her music as she needed to go back to the hostel in time, sign in and sign out which forced her to find somewhere else to stay other than hostels.

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