Young Actor Rahim Banda and Girlfriend Janiece Emefa chopping Love in new Photos, Jack The Girl Dey Be oo-Photo

 Rahim Banda and Girlfriend Janiece Emefa || The teenage actor and the ambassador of the Free Senior High School (SHS), Rahim Banda, and his girlfriend, Janiece, were spotted in a lovely picture.

The photo was discovered as part of a video that the teen star shared in his Instagram stories on Tuesday, July 28, 2020.

The video begins with the love of Rahim and Janiece, gazing at the cameras at the beach spot.

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Earlier, Janiece was seen sitting on some rocks on the beach when a cameraman took photos of her.

According to the inscription in the video, the couple went to the beach with their friends to take a couple of themed photoshoots.

The next part of the series was some of the pictures taken by Rahim and Janiece during the beach photo shoot.

In the pictures of ThatCelebrity.com, Janiece is seen with a wide smile as she rests her head in Rahim’s bosom and enjoys his company.

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The latest photo of Rahim Banda and Janiece Emefa comes around five months after the social media reports of their relationship.

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Rahim posted the breathtaking images of Janiece in his Instagram posts, referring to the crown that fits her.

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Rahim, a former prefect of Ghana National College, completed his studies in 2018 and has since graduated and joined the University of Ghana.

He was named Free SHS Ambassador in 2018 while attending high school at Ghana National College in Cape Coast.

 Rahim Banda Girlfriend Janiece


Rahim Banda and Girlfriend Janiece Emefa




Rahim Banda Girlfriend Janiece Emefa
 Rahim Banda and Girlfriend Janiece Emefa






Rahim Banda and Girlfriend Janiece Emefa


SOURCE: ThatCelebrity.com || Rahim Banda Girlfriend Janiece ||

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