You won’t dump me, you are my wife, lesbian tells girlfriend

BREAKUPS are hard but it seems, there are some factors at play in a lesbian breakup that make it extra devastating.

Like an extreme version of life after leaving a cult, a self-confessed lesbian shared her biggest love regret saying she was living in perpetual fear of her “devastated” estranged lesbian lover who is repeatedly harassing her while also demanding sex from her as punishment for unceremoniously dumping her.

A seemingly fed-up Linda Sphiwe Mpofu from Bulawayo’s Barbourfields suburb led evidence of how Brenda Mugabazi was making her life a living hell after dumping her on grounds of being tired of the same-sex affair.

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Linda, who now wants to date a man, said Brenda, from Mzilikazi suburb, forced her into the lesbian relationship.

Seeking an interim protection order at the Bulawayo Civil Court, Linda pleaded for urgent protection against Brenda, saying from the time she dumped her, Brenda has threatened to harm her.

“I have been living a lesbian life with Brenda (Mugabazi) who forced me into it and I have realised that I cannot continue with it (lesbian relationship). She harasses me and threatens me. On 25 December 2020, she beat me up and I sustained a swollen left knee and foot and I am still limping up to now.

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“Whenever she meets me, she harasses me and declares that I can’t leave her. I live with my 87-year-old grandmother and she comes to our place to harass and threaten us while demanding that I must go with her (to her house) since I am her wife”.

Linda said she decided to seek legal help after a series of rows with her ex-lover who is always stalking her and demanding sex.

“My life is now in danger and I am always running from her. I am begging the honourable court to grant me an interim protection order against her as I want to live a normal life again. I am living in fear of her actions and demands,” pleaded Linda.

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Presiding magistrate Shepherd Mjanja issued the interim protection order. In his ruling the magistrate ordered Brenda not to harass or threaten Linda in any way and to stay away from her place.


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