You should also not date broke girls, leave her if she doesn’t spend on you- Lady tells guys

A Nigerian lady has urged guys to dump ladies who bring nothing to the table in a relationship except sex while a guy equally brings the same thing and pulls the financial muscles as well.

The lady plainly said if a man is in a relationship but his lady does not spend on him he should look for the nesrest window of respite and jump out.

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His tweet simply suggests that it’s about time African ladies spend money on their boyfriends and break the monopoly of having guys spend all the time.


The lady with handle @Tbillion40 wrote;

”Guys if your Gf never spend on you, have that conversation with her. Spending in relationship shouldn’t be one sided and Tbvh brokenness is not an excuse.

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Leave your gf if she doesn’t spend on you.”

See her post:


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