You Ruined My Career – Amerado Angrily Blasts Delay As He Announces Their Break Up -Video

The relationship between rapper Amerado and Delay is over! It has ended in tears!

Amerado says he’s done with Delay because his career has gone down ever since they started associating with one another.

The rapper is seen in a video very hurt and emotionally drained as he reveals his decision to Delay.

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According to him, Ghanaians do not take him seriously anymore since he started moving with Delay.

Amerado claims that even when he releases a project, people just come and comment Delay under it without showing any seriousness about his post.

Amerado said due to this and other reasons, he’s done with Delay.

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Watch the video below…

Young rapper Amerado Burner and Delay have been involved in a sort of relationship for a while now.

They shared videos in some intimate spots which sparked dating rumours.

They neither confirmed nor denied the rumours but they continued to be seen together in compromising situations.

For instance, Delay shared a video in her kitchen with Amerado a few days ago.

Ghanaians cannot tell if they’re lovers, friends, or just business partners – but whatever the relationship is Amerado says he’s fed up and done!

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