You owe your person good sex

You owe your person good sex || God’s second gift to humanity after life is good sex. Before you start saying, “Oh my God, my kids,” they are because there was sex in the mix.

As I was saying, GOOD SEX. Not any sex, but good sex. As a human being, you owe another human being good sex.

Before you set out to hunt for sex, please master the game. It hurts to look forward to something for so long only to get there, and this pretty thing just lays back and expects you to do all the hard work.

Woman, your pretty face contributes about 0.05% to good sex. As a woman, you must learn how to give a good lay. You must learn to work that body like it is the last time you will orgasm.

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You must be able to maintain a particular position for a while without breaking your back. Flexibility in the bedroom is a must. This has nothing to do with your body type, how many KGs you weigh, or how big your tummy is. I know women who are 97kgs but have been told are monsters in the sheets.

You must read your man’s body language. It would help if you learned that 69 is not about having him in your mouth while enjoying what he is working on. No. You owe him as much sweetness as he is passing on.

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You have to know how to give him full access when he decides to take you from behind. If you cant give the ‘Fifty Shades’ type of good sex, try knowing the basics.

Sex should be a full package from both of you. From what you say, how you moan, how you work those walls while he is in there, to the way you act after you climax. TOTAL PACKAGE.

And to you, my darlings, the men, having a big machine gun is not the alfa and omega of good sex. You just don’t park it there and expect us to praise Jesus. You better know what to do with it.

Just like beautiful women think that their beauty will do the hard work in the bedroom, men with a big machine gun think they will park it there, and that’s it.

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Know how to use your body. Every part of a man’s body should be in action during that time. Much as wiggling the waist was for women, the way a man moves his waist directs the machine gun.

You owe your partner good sex. You must bring your A-game every time.

Till next time, set, lights, and action!



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