You can’t pull down a blessed soul, Catherine Nagawa speaks out on trending s3z-tape after pressure mounts

Gorgeous entertainer Catherine Nagawa has finally spoken out on her alleged romp-tape that is currently trending on the internet.

Taking to her social media platforms, Nagawa called out on whoever is behind the viral tape to stop hoodwinking the public and impersonating her.

On Monday , the talented and bummy dancer shared a screenshot of a phone number on her Twitter account and revealed how someone using it is impersonating her.

Nagawa speaks out on trending romp-tape after pressure mounts


“Good evening everyone, it has come to my attention that someone is impersonating me and spreading false things around. Don’t allow yourself to be scammed,” she tweeted.


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As the pressure continued to mount on her, she again rushed to her Facebook page on Wednesday morning and assured her followers that she is too strong and blessed to be defamed. She further trashed the tape and deemed it fake!

“You can’t pull down a blessed soul. We Shall Overcome Everything. Everything Circulating On The Media is Fake,” her caption reads.

The dancer shared a screenshot of a phone number on her Twitter account and revealed how someone using it is impersonating her

The Alleged Sextape

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Since Friday, there have been allegations about a leaked romp-tape which shows a Zzina skilled babe, with a striking resemblance to Catherine Nagawa, having bonk sessions.

The character in the video is seen having steamy romps and enjoying every second of the moment, with the guy proudly filming the famous activity on video!

Social media in-laws who have had a chance to watch the clip claim the babe in the video is Nagawa, who plies her trade on NBS TV.

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On Facebook, one Kasule Douglas Benda who seems to have broken the news to the public, shared Nagawa’s photos cautioning his followers against recording their intimate moments.

“Banange ensonga za Nagawa Catherine muzitegedde oba nedda? The girl who became usual during the TV dance party shows on NBS TV for her seductive whining dances. Banange abalenzi basabula! Ttabu yennyini. Please don’t ask me for the video. All I can say, NEVER ALLOW YOUR PARTNER TO RECORD WHILE YOU 2 ARE DOING FYOKOFYOKO BECAUSE IT WILL BACKFIRE SOONER OR LATER!” Benda posted.

Screenshot of Benda’s post.

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