Xandy Kamel’s Immature Husband Bluntly Calls her ‘Ashawo’ In Nasty New Attack – Video

The estranged husband of actress Xandy Kamel has landed a nasty new attack on her.

King Kaninja, as he’s known on social media, has dubbed his soon to be ex-wife as an ‘ashawo’.

According to him, when she was ranting all over about his infidelity, she forgot to add her own.

King Kaninja was slyly implying that Xandy was cheating on him even more than he was!

The Angel TV presenter and his wife who got married just last year are already going through intense marital issues.

Xandy Kamel took to social media crying a few weeks ago to reveal her husband has been cheating on her since the start of their relationship.

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According to her, he was with an ex of his and the two of them are tormenting her life.

Xandy made it clear her husband is a worse cheat than Solomon and had disgraced her all over the country.

King Kaninja has not been able to respond to his wife’s allegations like a man, instead he has just been throwing shade at her like a petty ashawobrity.

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We thought it was only female celebs like Efia Odo and Sista Afia who shade each other without boldly facing one another but Kaninja is another master at it.

All he does is post videos which are clear shades at his wife but he’s not bold enough to say anything.

He’s also not bold enough to face criticism, always closing comments on those posts.

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In his latest shade at his wife, Kaninja has basically called her a prostitute.

He posted a video of a man shading his wife through song and it was a clear dig at Xandy.

Watch the video below…


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