Women in media can get married – MzGee

Media General’s MzGee says she married because she didn’t want the tag around the neck of most media women suggesting that they sleep with men and other people’s husbands.

In Ghana most women in the media, especially on TV, are tagged as professional sex workers because most of them currently are not married.

They are tagged as sleeping with men for material gains and therefore are not motivated to get married.

“I just felt like it was time and it happened. I know people didn’t believe when I said I was going to get married. People thought I was pregnant and a lot of things. You know how there is the perception that if you’re in the media there’s a tendency for you to be promiscuous. I think I just didn’t want that tag. Also i found somebody that I thought we could start life together.”

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But speaking in an interview with nkonkonsa.com, MzGee indicated that she got married to avoid such a tag and also to make people aware that women in the media can get married.

On when she was going to give birth because she’s in her third year of marriage, MzGee said she wants to have a baby when she will not have to be roaming and chasing artistes for interviews.

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MzGee said this is because her child will need the time and care he/she needs to ensure good health and a proper upbringing.

“I get that a lot but I’m not swayed. I keep telling them me I’m afraid the nine months period and the job I do… I keep saying to people around me that I don’t want to give birth to children and leave my child at night and say I’m chasing some artiste for an interview…I don’t see my life to be like that. I don’t want to live my life that way. So I say to myself that do it now and get to a point where you’re not chasing artistes or chasing stars for interviews at night, you’ve to be at a show because I feel like my child should have all the attention.”

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