Woman sues maid for sleeping with her husband which has resulted in the birth of a child.

A Bulawayo woman is demanding US$2 500 from her former maid as compensation for impairing her dignity after the house help’s sexual affair with her husband resulted in the birth of a child.

In her summons filed at the Bulawayo Civil Court, Abigirl Ncube (Nee Mpofu) is suing Nothando Sibindi for having an adulterous affair with her husband, Erick Ncube. The affair started in 2017 when Nothando was a maid.

Abigirl said despite several pleas to Nothando to end the adulterous affair with her husband, she is still continuing with it even though she promised to end it in 2019.

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Abigirl claimed that Nothando was running a flea market after getting financial assistance from her husband.

“The plaintiff is married to Erick Ncube under a monogamous marriage in terms of the Marriage Act Chapter 5:11 which was entered in 2015. Ever since the period beginning 2017 the defendant has illicitly associated and engaged with the plaintiff’s husband in an adulterous sexual relationship well knowing the marital status of the plaintiff’s husband.

“One child has been born out of the illicit and adulterous relationship between the defendant and the plaintiff. This is despite several pleas from the plaintiff directed at the defendant to end her adulterous affair with the plaintiff’s husband, the defendant is still continuing with the affair. This after she had promised to end the affair in 2019. Plaintiff has been seriously hurt and her dignity impaired by the flagrant adultery and lack of remorse exhibited by the defendant,” reads part of the summons which were submitted by Abigirl.

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She further stated that she was living in fear of being exposed to sexually transmitted diseases due to the adulterous relationship.

“Wherefore plaintiff’s claim against the defendant is the sum of US$2 500 contumelia damages suffered by the plaintiff as a result of the defendant’s unlawful malicious and illicit association with the plaintiff’s husband well knowing of the plaintiff’s husband’s marital status.

“An order for the payment in the sum of US$2 500 being damaged for loss of consortium, society, love, companionship, and association her spouse was providing before the defendant’s unlawful malicious and illicit association with the plaintiff’s husband well knowing his marital status”.

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Nothando is expected to respond to the summons within two weeks.


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