Woman Sentenced To 723 Years, Husband Sentenced To 438 Years In Prison

Woman Sentenced To 723 Years, Husband Sentenced To 438 Years In Prison || A woman from Alabama in the United States of America has been sentenced to more than 700 years in prison after sexually abusing her daughter and step-daughter, Morgan County District Attorney Scott Anderson says.

Lisa Marie Lesher, 41 of Carrollton, Georgia, formerly of Falkville, Alabama, was sentenced Monday, Nov. 2, to serve 723 years in prison. Judge Stephen F. Brown handed down the sentence, which is the maximum allowed by law in this case.

CBS reports that Lesher was convicted by a Morgan County jury on October 1, 2020, of two counts of first-degree rape, four counts of first-degree sodomy, one count of first-degree sodomy, one count of sexual torture, and one count of first-degree sexual abuse. Testimony at trial revealed that Lesher sexually abused her daughter and stepdaughter for several years at their home in Falkville, along with her husband, Michael.

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The case was first reported in 2007 but was reopened for prosecution after D.A. Anderson took office at the request of the victims.

Lesher was sentenced to 99 years in each count of first-degree rape, first-degree sodomy, and sexual torture. She received a 20-year sentence for second-degree sodomy and a 10-year sentence for first-degree sexual abuse. Judge Brown ordered each count to run consecutively, for a total of 723 years in the Department of Corrections.

Lisa Lesher’s husband, Michael Lesher, was tried for his participation in the abuse last year and sentenced to 438 years in prison.

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The case was prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Courtney Schellack and DA Investigator Johnny Coker.

“We are thrilled with the sentence in this case,” Schellack said. “The victims suffered for years living with these monsters, and have suffered with the consequences of their actions for over a decade. The sentence, in this case, was well deserved, and gives the victims a sense of closure.”

D.A. Anderson added, “Lisa Lesher was sentenced to 723 years in this case, and she deserved every day of it. Justice has been served.”

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