Woman narrates how husband kicked her out, married their daughter

Woman narrates how husband kicked her out married their daughter || Grace married her husband with her first-born daughter 18 years ago.

– Things went south when her husband became abusive and began to have an affair with her daughter.

– They sold all their property, and all the money was spent on building a house for the daughter who had become a co-wife –

-She was chased out of their home by her son, and now lives a lonely life full of medical complications.

As Grace married more than 18 years ago, all she had dreamed of was a happy life and a beautiful family, little did she realize that all her dreams will later turn into years of nightmares and pain. Grace ‘s marriage came to a point of no return when her husband agreed to marry her first-born daughter.

Talking to Citizen TV on Saturday, Grace said things started going south when she got reports that her daughter was having an affair with her boyfriend.

“After a series of struggles and difficulties in our lives, my husband agreed to marry my daughter. They sold all the land and other property we owned, and then they threw me out of my home, and they built a house for my aunt, who became his wife, “Grace said.

As she asked about what was going on, her husband assured her that she was free to marry her daughter who had been educated at university level because she was not related in any way as her stepfather and not her biological father. To add insult to injury, the two lovers turned their second-born son into a shield to scare her out of their house.

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“They turned my Form Three son into a zombie, gave him drugs, and he became a nuisance. He was the one who chased me out of the house, beat me a few times, and even refused to give me clothes when I left, he said I didn’t have anything when I came home.

One thing that made Grace decide to leave her home was that every time a man died in their neighborhood, her husband would go to sleep with the widows, and when she inquired, he told her she was just jealous.

The husband’s extramarital affairs with widows were so extreme that he would always come home with his dead clothes and shoes, much of which did not suit him.

“I began to see hospital receipts in the room, read the receipts, and realized that he was using ARVs. When I asked him, he told me that we were going to the hospital, and when we went, the doctors advised me that I should also start using preventive drugs so that I don’t get sick, “she said.

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Grace declined to use the medications, but went away and was tested negative. She left home with her youngest daughter, whose husband had also tried unsuccessfully to rape her.

“He tried to rape our youngest daughter, to buy her candy, and even to give her money, but she refused. It was a matter that called for the help of neighbors and even the school, as it had to be done by therapy, “she recounted.

Having lost everything she had worked for, Grace moved out of what she knew was her home in 2016 to start a new life, but with a lot of tension and trauma. She had acquired medical problems that would sometimes see her fainting and even make short calls without any break or warning.

“Even when I sleep, I sweat a lot at night, and I have to rely on my neighbors. I can’t even shut my house door while I’m sleeping, they ‘re going to close for me so that they can quickly enter the house in the event of something at night, “she said. Later, when her youngest daughter, whom she had lived with, entered Form Two, she was taken back by her father, and she readily agreed to go back because of the way they lived with her mother.

Asked if she’d ever spoken to her first-born daughter, Grace said they weren’t in contact and she’d never visited her, the only one to visit is her mother.

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“My son usually comes to visit me, but when he comes he doesn’t say anything, he just cries out because he’s looking at the kind of life I ‘m living, and I think he’s sorry for what they’ve done to me,” she said.

The most frustrating thing was that she went with her sisters for her first-born graduation, and her daughter had a lot of trouble taking a picture of her. Her daughter now has a three-year – old child, but Grace says she’s not sure who the father is.

“The child may be about three years now, but I doubt that she is the child of my husband, because she had already introduced a man to her family before she graduated, so we knew she was the one who was going to marry her,” she said.

Her only wish is to see her son go back to school, drop out of Form Three, and get into drugs that make him ruin his life at a young age.


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