Woman beats up husband for being weak in bed

Woman beats up husband for being weak in bed || A man from Chademana Village in Zaka area, Masvingo province is demanding back his lobola from his in-laws claiming his wife was savagely beating him up for failing to give her children.

Mundanga and Mabhiza’s 10-year marriage has collapsed because they haven’t conceived any children leading to the woman blaming him because she has had a child from her previous marriage.

Reports gathered by B-Metro are that Jethro Mundanga had been constantly assaulted by his wife Kudzai Mabhiza to an extent that he moved out of their matrimonial home to stay with his relatives.

The two, Mundanga and Mabhiza had been customarily married for 10 years and their marriage had not been blessed with a child, leading the latter to suspect that it was her husband who had a problem since she had a child from her previous marriage.

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It was also gathered that the relatives tried to intervene in the matter to no avail.

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The situation became worse when Mabhiza started bashing her husband each time they picked up a quarrel.

According to a source, Mundanga, who apparently felt his wife had lowered his dignity and could no longer live with her, approached Chief Ndanga’s traditional court where he narrated his sad love story while demanding that his lobola should be returned.

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“He approached Chief Ndanga’s traditional court demanding that his in-laws should pay back his money and two beasts because his wife had turned him into a laughing stock by constantly assaulting him in front of neighbours and relatives while accusing him of being weak because he was unable to give her children.


“She was always shouting obscenities at him, something that makes Mundanga feel not good enough for her. At one time she even forcibly removed his pair of trousers after he came home drunk and in the process she was shouting at him saying he was wasting his energy on beer,” the source said.

Added the source: “That was actually very sad such that Mundanga moved out of the house to stay with a relative and later approached Chief Ndanga’s traditional court demanding that his in-laws should refund him his lobola since their daughter was always deriding him saying he was not man enough.”

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Chief Ndanga could neither confirm nor deny the incident.

“There is nothing I can say at the moment and I will be at liberty to comment on the matter once I preside over it.

“This is because at the moment there are a lot of cases which accrued because of Covid-19 regulations which were prohibiting people from gathering and moving from one place to another,” said Chief Ndanga.


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