Woman Arrested For Marrying Two Men -Details Out

Woman Arrested For Marrying Two Men || A  woman has been arrested for allegedly marrying another man while her marriage to her first husband was still in force. has learned from The Sunday News that Moreblesing Maridza age (41) of Platinum Park in Zvishavane was arrested for allegedly marrying two men after accusing her first husband of having failed to be intimate with her for the past 12 years.

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Maridza was convicted on her own plea of guilty when she appeared before the local magistrate, Archie Wochionga facing bigamy charges last week.

It is in the States case that Maridza wedded her first husband, James Chivandire under Chapter 5.11 of the Marriage Act which prohibits a man or a woman from marrying more than one spouse.

In 2012 Maridza went on to marry a second husband, David Mhuru, and wedded him under the same Marriage Act.

When quizzed on why she was married to two husbands, in her defense Maridza told the court that her first husband, James Chivandire was mentally challenged and has failed to be intimate with her for the past 12 years.

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The matter only came to light in September when an officer at the Registrar-General’s office observed that Maridza had two valid marriage certificates.

Maridza was sentenced to six months in prison after the State managed to prove that Maridza married and wedded Mhuru while fully aware that she was legally married to Chivandire under Marriage Act Chapter 5.11.

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However, three months were suspended on condition that she pays a fine of $5 000 and the other three suspended on condition on she does not commit a similar offense in the next five years.

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