Winnie Nwagi hits 1M followers on Instagram a week after restricting fans from commenting on her posts

Songstress Winnie Nwagi now has a million followers on Instagram, thanks to her saucy posts and, of course, good music!

Nwagi now has a million followers on IG

The Swangz Avenue star became the fourth Ugandan female artist to reach the milestone. Artists such as Sheebah, Lydia Jazmine and Spice Diana lead the pack with the highest followers.

Winnie Nwagi’s IG page has over 50,048 posts, which have generated tens of thousands of reactions from social media in-laws over time.

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Besides her immense talent, the bummy and gorgeous singer has made a name from posting sassy photos and seductive videos in hot bikinis across her social media platforms.


However, much as male fans appreciate and lavish praise on her, a section of females tend to shower her with all sorts of insults.

Just a week ago, the Musaawo hit-maker paraded her juicy-but-fallen soldiers and got a rude awakening from fans all over the internet who lashed out at her for exposing what they deemed unsightly.

She joins the likes of Spice Diana, Sheebah and Lydia Jazmine on the list

As the pressure mounted, the 31-year-old entertainer rushed to ban all her followers from commenting on her posts.

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“Hmm… kale u’ll never comment ever again on this page … I’m tired of y’all disgusting fans … Y’all will hv to meet me n beat me if you’re so angry, Felicia. Sorry dear lovers #gottaprotectmypeace,” she captioned the post.

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She also revealed that she sometimes thinks about quitting music since her peace and freedoms are always usurped by fans who expect her to behave in a certain way.

“If I had another option I swear I’d quit music… God help me, I am tayaaaad….” she tweeted.

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