Winnie Nwagi displays Umoja-like boobs as she slides into skimpy flowery outfit

Winnie Nwagi displays Umoja-like boobs as she slides into skimpy flowery outfit.

Celebrated local singer Winnie Nwagi has once again put her followers on tenterhooks by sharing sexy pictures of herself on Instagram.

Known for flaunting her juicy booty & delicious thighs on social media, Winnie Nwangi is among the few female artists who never shy away from showing off what their mamas gave them.

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Despite receiving a lot of backlash for dressing indecently every time she steps out for performances, the self-proclaimed ‘fire baby’ has never chickened out & thus continues doing what she loves best.

Just yesterday evening the bootylicious baby mama posted pictures of herself donned in a tight flowery outfit, much to the excitement of her fans.

In the pictures circulating on Instagram, Winnie Nwagi, who is clad in a skimpy open back outfit, is seen seductively posing for the camera while her fans go wild in the comment section. The singer, who also looks great with long black curly hair, is spotted touching her head while at the same time displaying her upper tattooed arm.

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Being the kind who likes flaunting her floppy boobs, Winnie donned a halter neck dress that shows a lot of big yummy front and side pawpaws.

She then signed off by captioning the pictures “Last night i was outside…


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