Winner of 2020 elections may be declared by the Supreme Court – Afia Vim Lady

Broadcast Journalist with Despite Media, Afia Pokuaa has said that she believes 2020 elections will be determined by the supreme court.

The National Democratic Congress and other political parties are not in sync with moves by the electoral commission to compile a new voter’s register.

Worrying is is also their claims of the Electoral Commission being in bed with the governing political party, NPP because of their insistence on the use of passport and Ghana card as the only form of identification to get registered.

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Speaking on her show “egyaso gyaso” on Okay FM, Afia Pokuaa noted that with the back and forth and the current position of the NDC, even if they give in for the Electoral Commission to compile its new voters register and things don’t go their way, they may resort to the court.

“If things get worse, the 2020 elections may now go to the Supreme Court for settlement. With what is going on with the NDC, you see that they boycotted IPAC meetings today, you saw what went on? They issued a statement that they won’t attend the IPAC meeting and true to their word they boycotted. If care is not taken, a number of issues will come up for Supreme court to determine even before we go to the polls to elect our leaders.”


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