Wife runs off with another man: “our love grew sweeter and sweeter by day”

Wife runs off with another man || A 33-YEAR-OLD Mt Hampden man was left shattered after his wife of five years dumped him to live with another man because her husband was never coming home on time.

According to H Metro, Aleck Mukovo claimed that his wife Blessed Patsika (21) packed her belongings to live with Cliffe Meki (35).

“I was not aware that my wife had been seeing Meki behind my back: said Mukovo. “She collected all her belongings while I was shopping at Westgate Shopping Centre and left me without any blanket.

“I took the issue to police and she was forced to return some of the blankets. “On allegations that I took their clothes in retaliation, that is not correct since I am not aware of the exact place they are staying.

“She never told me that she was losing affection for me and up to now I do not know why she decided to leave me and cling to another man,” said Mukovo.

Meki confirmed losing his clothes and said his relationship with Patsika had become sweeter now that they were no longer cheating.

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“Patsika is the one who lured me into an illicit relationship with her and since I was staying alone. I gave in and we have been seeing each other behind Mukovo’s back,” said Meki.

“She gave me her heart and started maintaining a relationship with my two children that our love grew sweeter and sweeter by day.

“We finally agreed to stay together that is why she left her husband and came to stay with me along with my two children.

“Patsika loves children, maybe because the was still to conceive in her marriage of five years with Mukovo.

Wife runs off with another man
Blessed Patsika (21) and Cliffe Meki (35) || Wife runs off with another man

“Mukovo was informed of our whereabouts and came while I was not at home and took my clothes. He is refusing to return them,” said Meki.

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Patsika vowed not to return to Mukovo saying she had lost affection over the latter’s habits of coming home late. “My husband has been leaving me to spend nights alone.

After all we do not have any child for the past five years,” said Patsika. “He married me when I was still young and his habit of failing to return home on time put me off and I started dating Meki.

“It is now two months staying with Meki and I hope I will conceive soon because he respects me by coming home from work on time.

“Mukovo discovered where I was staying and came during the day and snatched Meki’s clothes, arguing that police would not take action since he had destroyed his marriage.

“For the past two months we are failing to recover the clothes and I suspect that he has sold them. “Mukovo is still bitter and wants me to return to his house, but I will not reunite with him because he tormented me,” said Patsika.

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