Wife Rips Husband’s Penis For Divorcing Her

IN a shocking incident of domestic violence, a Bulawayo man had to be rushed to the hospital after her wife ripped her privates with her fingernails in anger after she was reportedly served with a divorce token.

Beauty Manhenhe tore Luckson Gopo’s test_icles for divorcing her leading to the vicious attack at their house in Nkulumane 5 suburb, B Metro reports.

Gopo, who was left in ‘excruciating pain’ after the attack on his genitals, was reportedly rushed to Mpilo Central Hospital, where he was treated for the shocking injury.

This was heard at the Bulawayo Civil Court, where Gopo was seeking a protection order against Manhenhe saying she was always threatening him with violence. So chilling are the threats that Gopo claimed his estranged wife was also threatening to scald him with boiling water or cooking oil.


“Beauty Manhenhe is my ex-wife. We divorced on 25 March 2021, and I left her at her parents’ house in Gweru on the understanding that she would come back with her aunt to collect her belongings. She, however, followed me and she doesn’t want me to leave her. She is disturbing my peace as she is always threatening me with violence and I took those threats seriously.

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“I moved out of the house to go and stay at my brother’s place after she attacked me on my privates. Since she always shows violent behaviour towards me, I pray for this court to grant me a protection order against her so that I may live a peaceful life free from any harassment as she has also promised to scald me with hot water or cooking oil on several occasions,” said Gopo while tendering a medical report which shows that he sustained severe lacerations on his scrotum and penis, the injuries suspected to have been inflicted by sharp nails.

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He further said Manhenhe should also be banned from going to his workplace.

In her response Manhenhe, however, said she was still married to Gopo.

“He is still my husband because I still do everything for him. We didn’t divorce. We are just fighting and he once phoned my aunt that she comes and settle our disputes. It is also not true that I’m threatening him. The day he suffered those injuries we fought and I also sustained injuries on the head,” responded Manhenhe.

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In coming up with a ruling, the presiding magistrate Nkosinomusa Ncube took into consideration the fact that the parties’ marriage was on the brink of collapse.

“The parties are definitely in a bad patch showing that they are not in good relations. Applicant claims they have divorced, respondent says they have not. They have both tendered evidence showing they sustained injuries.

“Since the court is not satisfied on the divorce of the parties, I will not give an order on the eviction of either parties from their matrimonial home. A reciprocal order is hereby granted and both parties are ordered not to assault or utter threats of violence at each other,” ruled the magistrate.


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