Why Ykee Benda ‘dumped’ Sheila Nduhukire and returned to wife Julie Batenga

The past couple of days, singer Ykee Benda has been the talk of town after being involved in a nasty car accident on Salaam road when he rammed into a resident’s gate while with his family.

Thankfully, they all came out alive despite Ykee getting a few injuries and cuts that were quickly attended to by health workers.

What surprised many is that during the nasty accident Ykee Benda was in the company of his wife Julie Batenga who many thought he was not seeing eye-to-eye following reports that the two had bitterly part ways.

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Ykee Benda and Sheila Nduhukire


During the days when the two were not talking, Ykee Benda was on several occasions seen posting on his social media pages shooting his shots towards NBS TV news anchor Sheila Nduhukire and word had it that the two were pushing out.

While narrating about the car crash, however, Ykee Benda stressed how his relationship with the NBS TV news anchor failed to work out, and hence he had to return to his baby mama Julie Batenga.

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In his explanation, Ykee revealed that Nduhukire was too slow to read the signals and eventually failed the love game yet she had the opportunity but failed to utilize it after being approached by a powerful person like him.

Sheilah Nduhukire failed out on the love game because she got the opportunity but failed to utilize it. When you get a chance to be approached by a powerful person like me, you have to respond quickly but she failed to do so. The chance is now gone and it’s really very bad for her.

Ykee Benda

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