Why Kim Swagga is sorry for introducing Jalia Mbuga to SK Mbuga

Why Kim Swagga is sorry for introducing Jalia Mbuga to SK Mbuga || Kim Swagga is fuming after SK Mbuga allegedly beat up Jalia Vivienne Mbuga. The fashionista has vowed to expose the city moneybag’s evil side in a “Stop Domestic Violence” campaign.

Kim Swagga, real name Hakim Kibirige, and SK Mbuga are widely known best friends. The latter married Kim Swagga’s friend Angella Vivienne Birungi now Jalia Vivienne Mbuga in June 2017.

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Kim Swagga, currently based in Chicago, USA this morning shared posts across his social media accounts. In the posts, he apologizes to Jalia Vivienne Mbuga for making her meet her husband SK Mbuga.

SK Mbuga and Vivienne Jalia Mbuga met several years ago before any of them was rich. It is alleged that Vivienne met Mbuga through Kim Swagga who is Sam Mukasa’s (Vivienne’s brother) best friend and associate.

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Together, Vivienne and SK Mbuga made a fortune and decided to walk down the aisle before Mbuga was arrested and imprisoned in 2017 for fraud.

How then is it that Kim Swagga now claims that his best friend wanted him dead at one time?

In a Facebook post we landed on, Kim Swagga alleges that Mbuga is full of evil and he is ready to expose it all having kept mute for long. Kim alleges that Mbuga even wanted to murder him.

I have kept mute about your evil behaviours for a long time, even when you wanted to murder me, but the almighty God will work on you one day and trust me it will be a knock out. My sis Jalia Vivienne Mbuga am sorry for introducing you to that man, I will forever take the blame.

Kim Swagga

Kim Swagga is sorry for letting Vivienne meet SK Mbuga who has reportedly turned into an evil man who batters his wife on different occasions.

It is alleged that SK Mbuga got into a fight with his wife Jalia Vivienne Mbuga and she was badly hurt in the fight. Jalia also shared “Stop Domestic Violence” remarks on her Facebook account.

I have kept mute about your evil behaviours for along time,even when you wanted to murder me,but the almighty God will…

Posted by Kim Swagga on Sunday, July 12, 2020

We shall keep you updated as the story unfolds further.

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