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‘Why Did God Kill His Only Son To Save Us From Sin Instead Of Killing Satan?’ – Actress Nadia Buari Questions Christian Doctrine

Actress Nadia Buari is confused and seeking clarity on a popular Christian story which talks about sin and the sacrifice of God’s only son for the salvation of man.

A Christian story has it that when sin had overtaken the world and humans were dying, God almighty sacrificed his only son, Jesus Christ, to atone for our sin and bring salvation to mankind.

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Nadia Buari, just like many atheists, is asking why God did not kill the person responsible for the sin, which is Satan but decided to kill his only and holy son instead.

The actress shared a photo on her Instastory asking this question and begging any Christian scholar to clear the doubt in her mind by setting the plot of the story right.

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Many on social media sided with Nadia as they argued that God could easily kill Satan and rid sin off earth forever but he killed Jesus instead and they do not get the logic behind that decision.

If anyone has an answer to Nadia, share it in the comment box because we really want to know.

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