Who is Grand M? His Full Biography, Real Name, Age, Parents, Girlfriend, Net-Worth, and Awards

Going through socials, we always stumble of memes and video clips of this short dwarf Man but do you really know who he is, how he gained fame, his net-worth, his age and girlfriend? We have all that info here for you in Grand M’s Full Biography.

So who is Grand M?

Grand M born real name Mohammed Nantoume is a Malian comedian and Musician. He was born on the Mohamed Nantoume and He hails from the Dogon ethnic group in the Central Plateau Region of Mali.

He became an internet sensation when his friend posted a video of him laughing on social media making him boost of over 2.3 million followers on only Instagram.

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Grand M Full Name Meaning:

He was born Mohammed Nantoume but he is known professionally as Grand M. The M in his name is as a result of his love for football genius Lionel Messi.

Grand M Age: Grand M was born in the year 2000. He is 20 years of age as of the year 2020

Grand M Hometown: He hails from the Dogon ethnic group in the Central Plateau Region of Mali.

Grand M Official

Grand M Early Life and Career:

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He was a dancer during his early years, he was well known as a dancer in his neighborhood, he got invited to dance at most of the parties organized during his formative years.

He was a sight to watch when he did the “Isibiki” and “Bosi” dance styles. In an interview, Grand M indicated that he never missed a show during those times.
Growing up, people used to make fun of him and insult him because of his Dwarfism condition and some even threw stones at him when he passed.

Even though Grand M is widely known for his comedy, he is quite a good rapper too. He has released two singles titled “Messi” and “Mali Army”.
He is signed unto the Zak productions record label and has hinted the release of an album anytime soon. His dream is to meet Lionel Messi one day.

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Grand M Instagram, Facebook and Twitter:

He goes by the handle @grand_m_officiel_ on Instagram, and Grand M Official on Facebook.

Grand M Songs: Grand M has release a few tunes to soothe the minds and souls of his fans alongside his comedy. Some of the tunes are; Messi, Mali Army, Balosa.

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