When you deny a man sex, you’re punishing yourself, not him

When you deny a man sex, you’re punishing yourself, not him ||  Denying a man sex will not punish him for whatever he did, or you think he did. If you think you will choke the truth out of him by denying him sex, think again.

Men refer to it as a dry spell for a reason. The day you think of denying him sex, if not for anything else, refer to your vows and part those legs.

And yes, I know how anger can make you feel but use that anger and unleash the lioness in you and give him the part of you that he has never seen.

Sex is not just for men. Do not punish yourself in the process because he did something wrong or you think he did. When you want to ride him, use that anger and let the beast out.

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Anger in some women starts when they start suspecting that their man is doing something shady. And because of our egos, it almost impossible to ask to find out what the truth is.

Because of this, some resort to denial of sex as punishment. It is absurd. I can assure you that men still get hard in the morning no matter how angry they are. Sex is simply a natural thing.

When you start suspecting that something unhealthy for your relationship is going on and start digging whatever holes you dig for proof, leave one hole open.

Anytime is tea time regardless of what is going on in your head.

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If you are not ready to open your legs every night, do not make the commitment in front of God and your family, and there is always an option of being a nun but first be a Roman Catholic.

Normalise getting wet when angry; it works. Instead of deep diving into his phone, looking for things that will make the situation worse, revisit the moments he took you to the moon and back, get wet and ride him like your life depends on it.

I do not know what to tell men that use the same rubbish for punishment. Leave certain things to a few women. Some of us want a ride a machine gun for therapy.

When anger sets in, the only thing that should bring you back to normalcy should be a good machine gun or a good waist that knows how to wiggle while other places squirt.

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Find ways to talk about the things that are eating you up because no matter what sex you have had before, nothing beats make-up sex.

God created sex to calm so many storms, and one of them is when your man has done something incredibly stupid.

Till next time, use that anger and give him reason never to do it again.


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