What Killed Beautiful Slay Queen? Parents of 18-year-old Angela finally speaks -Video

What Killed Beautiful Slay Queen? Parents of 18-year-old Angela finally speaks – The sad news about the death of an 18-year-old student of Ejisuman Senior High School, Angela Boamah Amoah has gone viral.

Commentaries that has come up amid the young girl’s death has it that she died as a result of her obsession for money.

Thus, her scammer boyfriend used her for money rituals which in our local tongue translated as ‘Sakawa’.

This consequently got her private part(Vajajay) rotten. Earlier reports on social media has it that Angela fell sick and got bedridden somewhere in January this year.

It is alleged that Angela Boamah Amoah, the fifth born of her parents who are staunch SDA Church members was a wayward child who paid no heed to her parent’s advice, hence her untimely and painful death.

Upon receiving several reports from close and distant relations to the bereaved family took it upon ourselves to reach out to the parents of the deceased so to help clear or affirm the rumours spreading on social media.

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It was never a good feeling when our team reached Angela’s family house. Wailings here and there, an indication that the family is in pain.

Sandwiched between the biological father and mother of the late beautiful Ange is Rashad who asked of the real cause of death of the former.

According to the parents, they’ve heard the false rumours spreading. Revealing the cause of death, the parents said their daughter died of cancer.

Per the father’s narration, the family got to know about the condition of their daughter when she confided in the them that she can’t ease herself viz her faeces are pilled up in her.

This got them alarmed and quickly took her to the Living Waters Hospital located at Krapa off Ejisu road.

There matters worsened as she [Angela] was refered to a different hospital until last at KATH-Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital to run further tests.

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All this time, little Angela was in agony. As said by father who was bold to speak to GhPage, the family resorted to herbal remedies for their daughter after moving from hospital to hospital which saw no improvements.

The father said hopes rose up when after sometimes on the herbal therapy Angela began to respond to treatment. She[Angela] was optimistic about surviving this.

This whole time, the spiritual side of the healing process was not neglected.

But the icy hands of death had gripped firm the ever-beautiful Angela. She lost the battle and gave up the ghost.

However, the parents has denied strongly the widespread rumours that their daughter died as a result of her scammer boyfriend using her for Sakawa.

Again, they[parents] debunked allegations that they knew the young man seen in the viral video with Angela toying.

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The mother said the guy in the video is/was NOT the boyfriend of Angela Boamah and he’s not a scammer, therefore, all should rubbish claims.

Shockingly, the grief-stricken parent revealed that the boyfriend Ohemaa brought to the house to introduce is not the one seen in the footage fast circulating on social media.

WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW- What Killed Beautiful Slay Queen? Parents of 18-year-old Angela finally speaks


May her soul rest in peace. Rest on Ohemaa



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