What happened to ‘Tyger Booty’? – 26-year old model who died in Ghana whiles chilling with Sugar Daddy

A popular exotic model renowned on x-rated platforms as ‘Tyger Booty’ reportedly died in Ghana and questions remain on what exactly happened to her.

What happened to Tyger Booty?

The highly sought-after model from Atlanta, GA, sent shockwaves across her timeline when, on Sunday 5 December 2021, she reached out to the United States Embassy in Ghana via Twitter, pleading with the verified account to check its private messages.

@USEmbassyGhana dm

— TYGER (@TygerBooty) December 5, 2021

This alleged distress alert was corroborated by friends of the model who reported her missing and launched a since-deleted online campaign to raise awareness about her disappearance while on vacation in Ghana.

By Christmas Eve, it was clear that something terrible had happened to the model, whose real name was Dasani Williams.

Details around her passing are still very murky at this stage. Nobody knows, at this juncture, who Tyger was with in Ghana, what the nature of her visit was, and when last she was seen or heard from.

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The tweet to the US embassy in Ghana was posted on Sunday 5 December 2021 but, in her last Instagram post, which was taken two days later, on Tuesday 7 December 2021, she appeared to be well and enjoying the African summer.


American Model Tyger Booty Mysteriously Found Dead in her Hotel Room After Flying to Accra to Chill with Ghanaian Billionaire
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A woman by the name of Bella Stalutti-Jones, who claims to be a close friend of the exotic model, took it upon herself to dismiss a lot of the fake stories surrounding Tyger’s death.

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According to the friend, Tyger’s death could not have been caused by drugs since she wasn’t a user. Moreover, the exotic model did not drink alcohol.

The friend also ruled out suicide, claiming that, in fact, “she was trying to come home.”

“All the lies being told about her serve zero purpose. So, please stop. No matter what lie you told or decide to tell next, nothing will change who she was as a person, as a mother, as a sister and as a friend. To have known her was to have loved her and anyone spewing anything besides the love she brought into this world can absolutely kick rocks, play in traffic and go to hell,” Stalutti-Jones wrote.

With questions still lingering about what exactly happened to Tyger, Stalutti-Jones hinted at the fact that the exotic model may have been harmed by someone.

“To whoever hurt her, hell has a palot (sp) with your name on it. What’s done in the dark will always come to light,” she warned.

Ghanian authorities have, thus far, made no public statements about the death of Tyger and, as things stand, no formal investigation has been launched — or, at least, none that we are aware of.

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Tyger is survived by her daughter.

What happened to ‘Tyger Booty’? – US exotic model reportedly died in Ghana


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