What Happened to their Love? Woman’s arm amputated after being shot by husband 3 times

Woman’s arm amputated after being shot by husband three times || A mother-of six, Madam Akua, has had her hand amputated after her husband shot her multiple times for suspected cheating though she denied the claims.

Bringing her silent battle to light on Nhyira FM’s Obra, Akua said her lover – who had initially threatened her with a gun sometime back – carried out his attack while she was in a farm.

According to her, without any hesitation, he told her “your time is up, you have to die now.”

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She said: “I was harvesting cocoa waste when he stormed the farm and threatened to kill me. I run into the bush but he cut off the grass and came to meet me at the hiding place,” she said.

She said her husband fired the first bullet from his hunting rifle which hit her arm.

Akua said adrenaline caused her to climb a palm tree but that did not deter her husband from firing two subsequent shots.

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She said during the attack, her son came to the scene in search of her, and he was also not spared a shot.

The victim said she blacked-out when she saw blood oozing from her breast and buttocks, as well as her son fighting for his life.


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“I did not see anything that happened after that until I woke up in the hospital. The doctors told me looking at the damage; my hand had to be amputated from my elbow,” she narrated amid tears.

Meanwhile, the International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA-Ghana), reacting to the abuse, said domestic violence should not be tolerated, adding that per criminal code the suspect should be jailed not less than two years.

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