Wendy Shay Threatens To Sue The FDA And Gaming Commission For Banning Celebs As Ambassadors for Betting Companies

Ghanaians sleep too much and Wendy Shay is tolling the bells for all of us to wake up.

The self-acclaimed queen of Ghana music says she is ready to sue the Food and Drugs Authority and the Gaming Commission and asking her colleagues to join her to make history.


Her comments come after the Gaming Commission banned celebrities from holding an ambassadorial position for betting companies.

Taking to her Instagram page, the Commando hitmaker opined that Ghanaians are being treated unfairly and they have to come together and fight the system.


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Ghana wake Up !!!

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The statement reads;


The Gaming Commission of Ghana under its supervisory mandate drawn fromĀ Section 3Ā  (2) (g) of the Gaming Act, 2006 (Act 721)Ā has developed guidelines on advertising forĀ operators of games of chance.


The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure that advertisements by operators areĀ  conducted in a responsible manner devoid of promises of any predetermined outcomes,Ā  appeals/enticements to Gamble to the vulnerable in society as well as minimise exposure toĀ  minors where applicable. This document will act as a guide to operators in all theirĀ  advertising/advertisements.


This document covers all forms of advertisements by operators including print andĀ  electronic.


i. Advertisements must be vetted and approved by the Commission and the operator(s) must be in good standing.

ii. Advertisements must acknowledge the Gaming Commission of Ghana as theĀ  Regulator.

iii. Approval for the running of the advertisement shall be valid for the duration of theĀ permit. The Commission has the right to revoke the advertising permit if:

a. it contains inaccurate information;

b. it contains misleading information;

c. it fails to acknowledge the Gaming Commission as the regulator;

d. changes are made to the advertisements without notification to theĀ  Commission;

e. it negatively affects public interest and sensibilities;

f. it does not depict responsible gaming and appeals to minors;

g. in any other circumstance that the Commission deems as inappropriate.

iv. It must not be misleading and all claims must be substantiated.

v. Must be devoid of inappropriate contents against competitors.

vi. Operator(s) advertisements shall not create the impression to their customers ofĀ guaranteed outcomes/wins.

vii.Ā Operators shall not use celebrities in their advertisements to entice the generalĀ public to gamble.

viii. The Commission in protecting the interests of punters, customers and stakeholders,Ā  mandates that advertisements must contain warnings like ā€œGamble Responsiblyā€,Ā  ā€œOnly 18 Years+ā€, ā€œGambling is Addictiveā€Ā etc. and any otherĀ warningsĀ thatĀ  may be prescribed by the Commission.ā€

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