We Both Date Men for Money – Repented Moesha Boduong Exposes Sandra Ankobiah as She Drops More Keys

Moesha Boduong has become born again and decided to confess her sins, dragging Sandra Ankobiah into the mud with her.

Moesha has taken to social media to cause a massive stir after revealing some secrets concerning her former lifestyle and current lifestyle of Sandra.

Out of all the slay queens in our industry, Moesha is the most open and she’s always willing to proudly stand for what she is.

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Most of the others will deny when confronted about their lavish lifestyles but Moesha will always admit where she and her fellow slay queens get their monies from.

In a new post, Moesha has targeted Sandra Ankobiah and revealed more keys about Sandra’s life.

According to Moesha, the slay queen lawyer and her both dated men for money but she will now defend Sandra because they’re in-laws.

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Moesha claims Sandra is now dating her uncle and will marry him soon hence Sandra is almost like family to her now.

She also apologised for some past gossip about Sandra that she spread to others in the industry.

According to her, they all gossip about each other and she was just repeating gossip she heard.

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Read Moesha’s post below…

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