WATCH: Zodwa Wabantu shows off new Ben 10, could be this be Gomora’s Ntokozo?

With Black Motion member Thabo Mabogwane she has never cease to amaze. In the wake of her daring confession, the exotic dancer has done it again.

This time, she posted videos of the head and back of her new Ben 10, leaving her fans guessing who he was. In the first video, Zodwa is seen brushing his head and kissing him on the forehead. The video reveals them in bed. And on the caption, she asks her fans if they can recognise him.

“Do you know him? Is he yours? Do you want him? For now, he is with me, Zodwa Wabantu. Good night,” it read.

However, in the mix of things, her fans thought it was Gomora’s Ntokozo. In the second video, she is seen standing next to a river with a young-looking guy brushing her behind.

The videos were followed by comments of people guessing his name while others begged Zodwa to reveal it. On Tuesday, she also reposted the first video with the caption: “He’s now leaving from me to you. Uphetheni esandleni? Thank you so much. I no longer groom them.”



Speaking to Daily Sun, Zodwa said it was no secret that she loved s_ex.

“I’m not going to reveal his name, but I’m having a good time. I’m enjoying my life and yes, this guy is younger than me. We are just having sex,” she said.

However, it was recently reported that Zodwa Wabantu showers Sicelo Buthelezi (Teddy) with love and affection. No doubt she is well known for her love and affection for ben 10’s. She has made all sorts of headlines of late with her relationship drama. Well of late she has been keeping her private life under wraps but recently she got Mzansi talking.

The celebrated seasoned dancer took it to social media to show some love to Gomora firebrand Sicelo Buthelezi who plays Teddy.

In the wake of her viral clip which has since flooded social media was worried. Several people thought the fast-rising star act is Zodwa Wabantu’s next prey. Zodwa is well known for dating young people and of late she has dated several of them.

However, we can all agree that social media streets might have got it twisted when Zodwa showered Teddy with some love. Just like many other celebs, Zodwa Wa Bantu is a huge fan of Gomora firebrand Sicelo Buthelezi.

Her Instagram post set the internet ablaze given the fact that she once tried to lure Sishi in a similar way. However late last year Zodwa found herself trending after she revealed that she had a crush on Ntobeko Sishi.

Ntobeko Sishi is also one of Mzansi’s fast-rising star, who plays Ntokozo Dlamini on Gomora. She received a lot of backlashes as many saw this as inappropriate considering that she is way older than him.

Chatting to Mac G on Podcast N Chill in 2020, Zodwa revealed that she and Ntobeko speak in the DMs. No doubt that revelation left many wondering. Well, that’s a topic for another day.

Back on the Sicelo topic, whether Zodwa has a crush on him or not – one can’t deny the fact that he is a super talented actor. Even former Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi showed some love to the actor back in April 2020 tweeting,

“Please tell Teddy that he’s a fave!”

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