Watch Yvonne Nelson Twerk and Romantically Dance with Married Majid Michel – Video Causes Stir

Yvonne Nelson caused a mega stir in a new video showing her dancing and happily tw*rking for married actor Majid Michel.

Yvonne showed her skills on the dancefloor with Majid seated just by her as she danced and pranced about.

The actress took a second to tw*rk before a super happy Majid, before later dragging him out of his chair to dance with her.

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The two were at a function or something of the sort with Majid seated in a chair.

Beautiful and lithe Yvonne had the dancefloor all to herself.

She arrived to Camidoh’s Sugarcane playing in the background.

Yvonne walked the length of the floor to get all the way to Majid before bending down and giving a little dance before him.

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She dragged him out of his comfortable chair after a while to join her.

Majid fully got into the mood then and grabbed her by the waist, pushed her back and gave her a couple of twirls.

Watch Yvonne Nelson tw*rk and romantically dance with Majid Michel below…



Majid Michel is married with a couple of kids whilst Yvonne is either secretly married or secretly dating, depending on who you ask.

It was a fun moment on a night out which shouldn’t raise too many eyebrows but Ghanaians are Ghanaians.

We love talking and we expect people to start dropping their theories soon!

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