Watch Leaked S3xtape of Trending Tiktoker, Bhadie Kelly (Video)

Watch Leaked Sextape of Trending Tiktoker Bhadie Kelly || Mixed reactions surfaced on TikTok that the young and beautiful damsel has been sent by the devil to ruin Nigerian boys and men… Lol, this must be a joke really.

The lady’s dance style and cloth type have been recreated by many online with her admirers growing daily Kelly’s comment sections are filled with people from different parts of the world.

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According to information Thatcelebrity.com gathered, Bhadie Kelly is said to be a Togolese (from Togo). According to our research, her Instagram account is @slayy.kellyy, while her Tiktok account is @bhadie.kelly.


Who is Bhadie Kelly? Tiktok, Instagram, Trending Tiktok Twerking Videos

Some male Tiktokers have mentioned she and her followers have risen in the last few days. She had 356K followers when she started, but today she has 594K, or about 732.7k.

 Trending Tiktok Twerking Videos

According to Thatcelebrity.com, It’s safe to say Kelly Bhadie is just a regular African Lady who found happiness in twerking, shaking her bumbum with a little bit of cruise.

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Undoubtedly Bhadie Kelly is a music lover as well as a dance lover who is currently based in the United States, but hails from Togo.

 Trending Tiktoker Bhadie Kelly Sextape

One unique thing about her twerking is that she does not bend like other ladies, but rather stand upright and flip, bounce, shake like a caterpillar machine. She also gives this fleeting facial expression which makes her look more attractive and charming.

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On May 23, 2022, Bhadie Kelly uploaded a video of herself in a room with Nike shoes as background, dancing to the instrumental remix of Mac Miller’s Song, titled J’s on my feet, produced by Mike Will Made it.

The video has gone viral on all major social media platforms.

 Trending Tiktoker Bhadie Kelly Sextape , Who is Bhadie Kelly? Tiktok, Instagram, Trending Tiktok Twerking Videos
Trending Tiktoker Bhadie Kelly Sextape

Kelly can be seen twerking in a circle form in the video, which has already received over 1 million views.

The second video of her setting men on fire, which has 4.8 million views, is Kelly’s most viewed video to date—the dancer, who first downloaded TikTok in November 2021, previously posted a video that received 2 million views, which saw her in a black shirt displaying her belly button, wearing waist beads and bouncing and bending low.

Kelly Bhadie has been crowned Miss TikTok of 2022 by a group of males on the Chinese video-sharing app.

Her TikTok follower count increased by two within a few days of her twerking videos going viral.

 Trending Tiktoker Bhadie Kelly Sextape , Who is Bhadie Kelly
Trending Tiktoker Bhadie Kelly Sextape

Kelly is just catching a cruise with everyone on TikTok, according to one lady who claimed to be Kelly’s bestie.

Kelly, who is from West Africa, said in one of her videos that if she hugged a man, he would explode.

Many people have impersonated Kelly Bhadie on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok. It might interest you to see her official Social media handles here

Watch some Tiktok Viral Videos of Bhadie Kelly Tiktok below:



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