More excitement on TV3’s Date Rush!

Watch Date Rush Season 3  ||  The excitement certainly continues on leading Ghanaian television station TV3 Network with this week’s announcement of the airing of the reunion show of Season 3 of its dating game show, Date Rush, from Sunday, May 31, 2020.

Season 3 of Date Rush can best be described as the most popular Ghanaian content on television currently and the most watched primetime show on Ghanaian television in recent times.

Date Rush has become that one show lovers of quality and exciting television content cannot afford to miss for anything. It is amazing the conversation the show generates across various social media platforms which eventually ends on the streets.

On the last episode, producers of the show Adesa Productions Limited, hinted at the excitement galore that awaits viewers as the season reunion starts airing from this weekend at 8pm.

The three-episode Season 3 reunion show will bring back all the participants of the season; those who got dates as well as those who didn’t get dates.

Watch Date Rush Season 3

Participants will be able to recap their high and low moments as well as discuss life after participating in the show. For those who got dates, it will be an opportunity to know the status of their relationships.

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Date Rush airs on TV3 this and every Sunday at 8:00pm.

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