Watch: Boyfriend humiliated after proposing in public

Boyfriend humiliated after proposing in public:- A video of a lady walking out on his boyfriend who proposed to her at a mall has gone viral on social media, eliciting a response from many netizens.

When it comes to proposals, a lot of people often go out of their way to make it a perfect and memorable occasion and most importantly, to get a positive response.


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While some people love private proposals, others often prefer the grandeur and euphoria that comes with having a public proposal.

For this man who recently proposed to his girlfriend, however, a public proposal was clearly a bad idea.

The young man, who wanted to steal the show, was humiliated badly after his girlfriend rejected his proposal.

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The incident reportedly happened in Enugu. In the video clip, the young man identified as Ebuka went on his knee with a flower and ring in his hand seen on his knees.

Responding to his proposal, the lady said; ”Ebuka are you mad?… You are very stupid,” and then walked out on him.

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Well, check out the video below :


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