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Watch: Baby Mama Attacks Bride During Secret Wedding

Baby Mama Attacks Bride During Secret Wedding || Normally, a wedding is supposed to be a day of cheering and feasting but not fists flying. The latter was the case of a secret wedding in South Africa where the baby mama to the groom invaded the ceremony and began to assault the bride in full glare of invited guests.

The video circulating on social media has many shocked at the sight of the angry baby mana, carrying their daughter fights the bride for marrying the father of her child behind her back.

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To add salt to the injury, the woman claims the groom even slept at their shared home the night before the secret wedding.

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Not to be outclassed, the bride is ready to fight to make the day as ‘memorable as possible despite the disruption, as she fights back and even retaliates.

Watch: Baby Mama Attacks Bride During Secret Wedding

The jilted woman also is heartbroken, after all, the groom’s family knew her as the baby mama but instead decided to bless the ‘secret wedding’.

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She also claims, according to sources, that she is the one who ironed the suit the groom is wearing, what an insult!

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Watch the video below;


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