Vimbai Zimuto with another nude as she claims, Mermaids in Mazowe Dam are her friends

Vimbai Zimuto with another n#de as she claims, Mermaids in Mazowe Dam are her friends. The controversial singer who also parades as a model has caused chaos on social media after she posted another one of her naughty and controversial pictures.

We all know she likes to pose semi-n@ked in most of her pictures. People have grown to like it and some even admire her works. However, this time around she raised a few eyebrows after she took her photoshoots to Mazowe dam where many believe the dam is sacred and is full of mermaids(Njuzu).

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When she was warned about it as some of her fans say she should not play in such areas she replied by saying she is friends with most of the Mazowe mermaids. Check her post belowVimbai Zimuto

Throwback Friday😎😎😎 Someone on FB: Vimbai uchatorwa nenjuzu. Vimbai : njuzu dzemuna Mazowe mabhururu angu last 😍😍😍😀😀😀 #mutotheep ndaamunzira💃

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