Video: Zodwa Wabantu’s fans forcefully finger her pus’.sy during a show

Video: Zodwa Wabantu’s fans forcefully try to grab her punani during a show.

Zodwa Wabantu’s fans love her so much this weekend some of them forcefully tried to grab her privates during a show. Taking to Instagram, Zodwa posted a video of the incident warning her fans. She posted with the caption,

November 10 2017 Zodwa Wabantu at the Feather Awards 2017
PHOTO: Mduduzi Ndzingi

“This is How I get Bruises????? From the Surfing on People?? Ngozolimala Ngempela??”



In the video, Zodwa tries to stop people from touching her but they still find ways to get hold of her. Other men aim for other body parts but the majority of guys are aiming for the money. People are shocked by this behavior and seeing old men trying to grab someone’s privates is another level of being thirsty in the streets. Responding to the post people are saying,

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“OMG they touch u there…ohh my yhooo”

“Lol ??? the thirst was real”

“Tjoooo boyfriend tsa batho di busy ko groovung di tshwarana le kushkhush ya Zodwa ?????????”

“Is there no security? Why are they allowed to touch you there?”

Video: Zodwa Wabantu’s fans forcefully try to grab her punani during a show

Other citizens are more worried about how people are not adhering to the COVID-19 regulations. This could affect things negatively and Mzansi does not want to see their weekends go to waste if people do not follow the proper procedures which might result in other restrictions. Hence are some fans are not pleased to comment.

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“All this during corona!?
I can’t digest this thinking ?
I honestly cannot!”

“Money or not this is too bad. Besides corona is still there. U rather make money you won’t enjoy??”

The way Zodwa dresses at these events makes men think of such and want to do such nasty things. The aim is to attract the men but unfortunately, some cannot control their feelings and end up aiming for the bull’s eye.

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