VIDEO! Woman Stealing at Fresco Supermarket, Given nakk.ed Walk Around Town

They say every thief has 40 days and every dog has its day. Those sayings may forever linger in the mind of a one Sephas Nabuuma who was caught red handed stealing from Fresco Supermarket in the heart of Mbarara town.

Ms Nabuuma, according to information gathered by, stole and hid in her dress lots of merchandise that she had gathered from the supermarket, forgetting that she was being seen on camera live feeds that are installed in the supermarket.

By the time she was going outside, the supermarket authorities had gathered at all exits waiting to pounce on her and embarrass her, never to do it again.

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A female security guard at the supermarket helped her empty the supermarket merchandise from herself and led her on a walk of shame around the town, something our sources say was aimed at alerting any other person that had similar intentions from doing that.



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