VIDEO: Stanley Ndawula, the man in Aisha Lee nudes saga speaks Out

Stanely Ndawula, the man in the middle of the Aisha Lee n3des saga has come out to clear the air about the alleged leaking of best friend’s bedroom pics.

Stanely reportedly leaked the n3de  photos belonging to a one Aisha Lee on social media after she refused to sleep with him.

Many have taken to social media to condemn Ndawula, bashing him for being a disrespectful man and a beast towards women.

However, Ndawula has also spoken out, saying no one can touch him, saying he is not the one that told her to take the n4des.

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“Don’t be so quick to judge I never told her to take those pictures and you can’t do anything about me I have big backup no one can touch me,”

But in another chat with a friend attributed to him, he claims all this saga is being brewed overboard to bring him down.

“Kindly tell friends as well to help me. There are people trying to make me look at extortionists. It’s a long story of a battle between me and Sudhir. See more below,” his plea read.

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There is also another video making rounds in which he exonerates himself from the blame.

Watch the video below:




WATCH: Journalist Stanley Ndawula leaks Aisha Lee’s ‘bedroom pics’, social media is a blaze!

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