Video shows Italian man having coffee in a bar moments before killing his Nigerian wife, Amenze Rita

Investigators are scrutinizing a video which shows Pierangelo Pellizzari having coffee in a bar moments before he killed his Nigerian wife, Amenze Rita.


In the full video, the man who looked visibly agitated is seen walking into the bar and ordering coffee.


After drinking the coffee he got up and drove straight to Amenze’s work place where he shot her four times, killing her instantly. One of the bullets shattered her face.


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The 61-year-old unemployed man shot Amenze dead in front of her colleagues in the parking lot of a company where she worked on Friday morning, September 10, in Noventa Vicentina.


He was arrested in a house near his home in Villaga, on Saturday afternoon, September 11, after 30 hours on the run.


Watch the video below…

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